Moving Images

Here are some of my fun music videos and other good “stuff”.

Music Video Reel from Kim Watson on Vimeo.

LL Cool J– A&E Biography from Kim Watson on Vimeo.

Commercial Reel from Kim Watson on Vimeo.

Max’s Summer Vacation from Kim Watson on Vimeo.

Honey Trailer

A few more of Kim’s videos on YouTube…

Al Jarreau – What You Do To Me

Michael Cooper – Shoop Shoop

Roxanne Shante´- Live On Stage

Breeze – LA Posse

Lady Soul – If My Sister’s In Trouble (from Sister Act)

Jeff Redd w/Halle Berry & Tommy Davidson – You Called And Told Me (from Strictly Business)

Jeff Redd – Love High

Eric Gable – Remember The First Time

Kwame – The Man We All Know And Love


Write 2 Live

5 Responses to Moving Images

  1. Robin says:

    Hi there I stumbled on your webpage by mistake when i searched Google for this issue, I need to point out your blog is totally useful I also love the design, it is beautiful!

    • Kim says:

      Thanks Robin. Realy glad you came upon the site. We are still making adjustments and will officially launch on next few weeks. Stay tuned and I welcome your participation. Please spread the word. Kim

  2. Rasheed Ali says:

    Kim! Great site, love the blog. I’m not in agreement that you’re a minnow, more like some other creature of greater stature. Gayle and I want to talk to you about collaborating. Please hit me up on e-mail and leave us your tele number so that Gayle and chat you up. I’m the phone-shy one in this company.

  3. marvin wadlow says:

    I remember all of these videos! Man, what a time in our lives for creativity, perfect for what your telling people to express

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