Writing Heals

Personal experience has taught me the usefulness of writing and creativity as wellness and expressive tools. Professional experience has revealed their applications in business and more structured environments. If you are interested in making writing and creativity a part of your daily and professional life, then check here for my observations, useful information and exercises.

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BLISS. That’s what I call that place, that feeling, that unique moment when a spark of inspiration sends me to the computer to write. It can wake me in the middle of the night and flood my brain with words, stories and images that must be captured before they disappear. It can bring tears to my eyes while listening to that perfect song. It can envelope me in quiet and provide the space to think. BLISS is a trip… and the kind of trip I like to take.

Desert Flowers

I surveyed the desert that was our families respite this 4th of July holiday.  At first glance its barren expanse appeared devoid of life, absent as it was, any lush green plants or shade tress, except for the imported variety.  How could anything survive in the 115 degrees I was experiencing?  But in truth, this sizzling hot, land of burnt brown mountains and sage brushed flatlands supports abundant life of many forms.  Look closely and you will discover reptiles, birds and desert flowers that thrive, in what some may think of as a wasteland.  Did I mention the rodents?

As we cocoon ourselves inside busy lives and obligations it is easy to view the most troubled individuals among us as we do that desert; barren and unable to sustain anything worthwhile.  However, below the surface of even the most troubled among us, there is life just waiting to be discovered.  Everyone has something to offer and the real question is, what am I doing, writing or saying to help them see that.


For The Writer in You

For the writers out there, and the aspiring writers as well, I wanted to recommend a great site for submission information, DUOTROPE. Full listings   of publishers and deadlines for fiction, non-fiction and poetry.   Check out the website:  http://www.duotrope.com/newsletter.aspx

And remember… writers write!


“Just My Imagination”
Recently, a dad I know told me of his two young sons watching a cartoon of a bear and a rabbit sitting on a log, chatting like old friends. He immediately turned the cartoon off. I assumed it was because he wanted to limit their TV viewing time, but noooo. He turned it off because; as he explained to the confused and disappointed boys, “A bear would never talk to a rabbit. He’d eat that rabbit and that’s just reality.” Talk about killing a moment.

I know what you’re saying but this father is not the insensitive oaf his actions might suggest. He’s a caring, loving parent who had just taught his beloved offspring that their imaginations serve no purpose in their lives.

He did not know that imagination, fantasy and creativity are essential to the healthy development of a child’s brain. These “gifts” enhance, among other things, problem solving and critical thinking skills, but most importantly, they make life worth living and promote personal well-being, art and innovation.

So when you hear your child in the next room talking to that imaginary friend or engaged in some otherworldly flight of fancy that’s beyond your understanding… Don’t kill the dream. Join in.

Write 2 Live

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  1. kim wells says:

    love the site!

  2. marvin wadlow says:

    I love this writers area, it is amazing! Writers write! Amen.

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